Adobe Brackets on Fedora

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UPDATE: Now updated for Fedora 24

The post below is kept for reference only.

I noticed some time ago that Adobe Brackets was available for Ubuntu. Today I found out that it's also very simple to get it working on Fedora.

I found out how to do this from this blog post but also found a few extra steps I needed to take, which I'm outlining here.

Here's how I did it:

Download the appropriate Debian/Ubuntu .deb file from (in my case this was Brackets.Release.0.41.64-bit.deb). I'll assume you have downloaded this to ~/Downloads/Brackets.Release.0.41.64-bit.deb.

The following steps will allow you to install the .deb file on Fedora (and potentially other distros like CentOS):

$ cd ~
$ mkdir brackets-tmp
$ cd brackets-tmp
$ ar vx ~/Downloads/Brackets.Release.0.41.64-bit.deb
$ tar xf data.tar.xz

You should now have the following in your brackets-tmp directory:

$ ls
control.tar.gz data.tar.xz debian-binary opt usr

Copy these to the correct location using the following commands:

$ sudo cp -R opt/* /opt/
$ sudo cp -R usr/* /usr/

At this point brackets is installed, but it will not run due to it not being able to find

I found some solutions to this at on the following page, and opted for the first suggestion.

$ cd /opt/brackets/lib
$ sudo ln -s /lib64/ ./
$ cd ~
$ mkdir bin (only necessary if you don't already have a ~/bin dir)
$ touch brackets
$ chmod a+x brackets

Then in a text editor, open ~/bin/brackets and paste in the following:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/brackets/brackets/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/bin/brackets $

That's it. You can now launch brackets from a terminal using the command:

$ ~/bin/brackets &

Here's how it looks:

Brackets on Fedora Screenshot

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