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CFScript Hightlighting on Adobe Brackets

- 1 min

Here's a patch I made recently to enable CFScript highlighting to work on Adobe Brackets

Install the CFBrackets extension from the Brackets Extension Manager (File -> Extension Manager on windows).

Select Help -> Show Extensions Folder. Navigate to user/cf9.cfbrackets.org ('cf9' may be different depending on what flavour you have installed).

Download and unzip my patch from https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26388856/cfbrackets.zip into this folder.

Restart brackets (Debug -> Reload with extensions)

This will now use a modified version of Haxe mode to highlight blocks inside .cfm files, and it will also open .cfc files in this mode. For tag based CFC's you'll need to change to "CFML" in the status bar.

The CFBrackets should give some code completion for tags, but so far there's no code completion for cfscript. It may be something I look at next, depending on whether I end up using Brackets for CFML and/or there's much interest from others in it. Similar Haxe mode is "near enough" for basic syntax highlighting, but there's plenty that can be improved.

My intention is to submit this is a pull request to CFBrackets, but I want to play with it a bit first to see what issues arise.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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