Adobe Brackets on Fedora 24

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Previously I'd blogged about installing the Brackets text editor on Fedora. Today I've updated the post with instructions that will work with Fedora 24, and Brackets 1.7

Download the appropriate Debian/Ubuntu .deb file from (in my case this was Brackets.Release.1.7.64-bit.deb). I'll assume you have downloaded this to ~/Downloads/Brackets.Release.1.7.64-bit.deb.

The following steps will allow you to install the .deb file on Fedora (and potentially other distros like CentOS):

$ cd ~
$ mkdir brackets-tmp
$ cd brackets-tmp
$ ar vx ~/Downloads/Brackets.Release.1.7.64-bit.deb
$ tar xf data.tar.xz

You should now have the following in your brackets-tmp directory:

$ ls
control.tar.gz data.tar.xz debian-binary opt usr

Copy these to the correct location using the following commands:

$ sudo cp -R opt/* /opt/
$ sudo cp -R usr/* /usr/

At this point brackets is installed, but it will not run due to some missing libraries.

The first of these is chrome-compat-libgcrypt. Install it using the instructions below:

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dnf install ./compat-libgcrypt-1.5.3-2.fc21.2.x86_64.rpm

Next we need to fix missing the missing

$ cd /opt/brackets/lib
$ sudo ln -s /lib64/ ./

That's it. You can now launch brackets from a terminal using the command:

$ /opt/brackets/brackets &

Here's how it looks:

Brackets on Fedora Screenshot

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